3D printed space fabric by NASA has many applications

NASA has recently developed a new 3D printed space fabric that has numerous positive implications for the future. The fabric is made of metal and has the appearance of futuristic chain mail. It can be printed in one solid piece and also offers tensile strength, passive heat management, reflectivity, and foldability.

Scientists hope that the 3D printed space fabric can eventually be used in a number of different applications, such as space suits for astronauts or shields for spacecrafts traveling through meteor fields. It might even be able to be used for creating expandable devices like antennae or as insulation for a trip to a colder region.

While the fabric has yet to be used, scientists believe that it might even be printed by astronauts while in space, as it can be broken down and reused as many times as necessary.

Read the full article on 3dprint.com.

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