3D scanning lemurs will help researchers study the animal

Because lemurs are an endangered species, scientists have not gotten to study them as much as they would like. However, the Duke Lemur Center is about to change that by performing 3D scans of all lemurs that die at the Center. By 3D scanning the animals corpses, it will allow others across the globe to study their anatomy and measurements on MorphoSource.

Gabriel Yapuncich, a graduate student at Duke University, came up with the idea after scanning the bones of other primates for his doctorate. He completes the scans using a microCT scanner to create high-definition images of lemurs, which can then be 3D printed into lifelike models.

While the scans aren’t available yet, soon they will be freely distributed to the general public for study and research.

Read the full article on 3dprint.com.

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