a group of middle school students is creating 3D printed hands

A group of 20 seventh graders at Illing Middle School in Connecticut decided they wanted to do something to give back to the world. Therefore, under the guidance of their teacher, Jennifer Rainey, they have begun creating 3D printed hands to distribute to needy children across the world.

The students are working with an organization called The Hand Challenge, which locates kids across the world who are missing fingers or hands and gives them free basic prosthetics. Rainey heard about the project at a district summit last October and decided to try it in her classrooms.

In particular, the students are creating “Raptor” hands, which will give these children the ability to perform basic tasks, such as hold a cup or catch a ball.

the 3d printed hands are for The Hand Challenge and will go to kids across the world

Each hand costs less than $50 to make. So far, the students have been able to make six 3D printed hands, each of which is comprised of 34 different parts. Rainey said that each hand took a total of 80 hours to print, not including assembly time.

Rainey worked closely with the students to ensure that they assembled the hands correctly. Once all the pieces are printed, they have to be assembled by using pins, straps, and elastic cords to keep the components linked together.

20 middle school students came together to build 3d printed hands

Many of the students involved in the project were happy to do something that could change other peoples’ lives. They also said that it helped them feel accomplished as well as appreciate their own well-being at having two functioning hands.

Once completed, the hands will be sent to the e-NABLE Community, which is a network of people dedicated to creating 3D printed hands for those who were born without them or have lost theirs.

Read the full article on the Hartford Courant.

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