3D Printing Consulting for Manufacturers, MakerSpaces, and Museums


Becoming 3D is a leading distributor and consulting company in the 3D space specializing in customized 3D printing consulting.  Our strong strategic relationships with many of the leading 3D manufacturers in the world enables our team to audit your business needs and recommend the best solution to help you transition into the new era.  We have aligned ourselves with companies that specialize in commercial, consumer and business applications in 3D printing so that we can coordinate those products with your business needs so you achieve the most in efficiency and ROI.


We’re There For You

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales and support team will work with the stakeholders in your business to understand the various processes and applications you are looking to improve upon.  Our recommendations always keep your financial and operational needs in mind so that we recommend a machine and program that will improve your bottom line.


Improve Your Business While Embracing the Future

consult_educWith the emergence of the 3D market there is a new opportunity to not only improve your business but conduct business in a new way.  It is our mission to help businesses achieve new levels of sales, profitability and efficiency through custom programs and recommendations.  We aim to be the go-to consultants for “becoming 3D” for each consumer or business we work with.  Our proven process is the pillar of our mission and enables Becoming 3D to gain the insight needed to provide you with the data, costs and information you need to make a sound business decision.  Ultimately, we study your workflows, processes and manufacturing needs to align you with the people, products and solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.  Education is a key element to our business as the 3D world develops and grows.  Becoming 3D is passionate about helping you make the leap into the new world of 3D.


See How it Could Work for You

consult_gearsDuring this on-site meeting, we want to learn about your business processes, applications and goals.  If you are experiencing efficiency breakdowns or simply think a 3D system can help you with models, manufacturing or prototypes, we will uncover those needs with our solutions expert. We want to hear about the goals you’re seeking to achieve in your 3D print environment now and in the immediate future; from the budgetary to the logistical.

With a firmer sense of what you’d like to accomplish from your print management process, we’ll build a solution with concrete timelines.

Next we will visit with your key employees and stakeholders in the process to observe the workflows discussed in the initial meeting.  We will work to understand both the hard and soft costs in your business.  This can vary from fixed costs in assets or machinery to variable time related costs to build or design certain prototypes.  This assessment shows you the exact cost to your company for the assessed workflow or process and will serve as a launching pad for the ROI calculation we provide later in the process.


What Happens Next?

consult_print– Becoming 3D generates a detailed report illustrating all processes and costs to be considered and confirms those with the stakeholders in the process.
– Once the assessment process is complete, we can diagnose problem areas in advance, identify under-utilized equipment and recommend changes to the environment as a result.
–  We’ll also do a physical walk-through of your facility where we will observe the environment in its current state, speak with its end users (your people) and assess your equipment. We conduct two of these “sweeps,” with the second happening once our team has completed its data collection.
–  Then we will finish the assessment by developing a cost model that evaluates all assets in a balance sheet format.


You Will Receive a Proposal Based on Our Findings

consult_printerWe will then provide a proposal that shows you the optimal output and hardware environment; whether you need any new equipment, how equipment in your facility should ideally be arranged and what your needs for supplies will likely be.

It will also give you a crystal-clear understanding on what the total cost of ownership on equipment in this recommended environment will be.


We Work With You Even After the Agreement

After reaching an agreement, we’ll bring together any new equipment, supplies and processes that need to be integrated into your existing environment. This step is painless with minimal disruption to your workflow.  We have unique programs to help you purchase, rent, lease or demo equipment in order to meet your financing needs.

consult_printer2As your organization changes, your 3D print environment’s needs are going to change right along with it. Every quarter, we’ll conduct a formal review of your 3D printer fleet to analyze total spending, drill down on unnecessary costs and define new areas of opportunity to uncover savings.


Call us today at (844) 337-7687 or contact us here to learn how Becoming 3D & 3D printing can help your business or space.