If You Can Dream It, 3D Printers Will Help You Create It


The Uses are Endless
3D printers have been used by numerous toy and entertainment companies to create models for film, visual mock-ups, photo shoots, animation and for video and electronic gaming.

See Your Design Before Production
Designers have enjoyed true to life models of figurines, characters and varied imaginative creations from high precision wax printers. Perfect appearance is a must, and this technology enables freeform textured models that reflect the designer’s original idea. A Designer’s wildest dreams can be achieved using 3D printing systems.

No Detail is Too Smallconsumer
High resolution printing will deliver the most precise detail imaginable and the exclusive build materials, formulated for clean, accurate casting or master patterns for rubber molding will enable you to successfully produce your biggest ideas, no matter how small the features. With 3D printers, you can create works of art that will be cherished for generations.


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