Digital Dentistry is the Future of your Dental Business


Off-Shore Competition No Longer a Worry
In the face of off-shore competition, the only way to maintain consistent quality and offer competitive services at lower costs to your customers is to embrace an open digital dentistry workflow. You will be able to maintain total control of the process while reducing your delivery times.  Competitors near and far will no longer be able to under-bid you.


Convenience and Precision, Right at Your Fingertips

3D scanners, CAD design software and integrated 3D wax printers are the core to your new digital dentistry lab. Once the case from the dentist is received you can scan it, sculpt it and easily print it on your 3D wax printer. You’re only one click away from a usable product!

Thanks to the combination of high precision margins and 100% castability with no material shrinkage, the crowns, copings or bridges produced by your 3D printer can then be directly invested, pressed or cast. No touch up is required, eliminating the need for manual work, post- processing.


Cost Effective Solution with Easy Integration
The open architecture of 3D printers offers easy integration with any 3D scanner that outputs .STL files and is a cost-efficient solution for any small to medium dental lab or practice.


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