3D Printing Jewelry Process

Learn how 3D printed jewelry is changing the industry

Your reputation as a jeweler depends as much on making yourself available to a growing list of clientele as it does on creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. Your signature style and unique design gain recognition through a repertoire of pieces that customers love and flaunt.

With 3D printing and CAD/CAM, your collection materializes from wax masters made in hours, not days, finished pieces delivered in days, not weeks, and the potential to tailor one unique design into another without having to start from scratch.


A New Kind of Wax Master

3d printed jewelry wax masterDesigns are limited only by your imagination. 3D printers are capable of producing intricate wax masters of superior finish, precision, and delicate details, right down to the engraving on a ring.

A new level of complexity and stunning symmetry impossible with hand carving are achievable with today’s 3D printers. And since the final product is based on a CAD file rather than a carved wax model, numerous renditions can be created quickly by modifying the file and printing a new wax master—far more consistent than carved wax models.

Adapting to an Evolving Industry

Save time and money. The traditional approach of using a master craftsman to hand carve models is costly, time consuming, and limiting. A craftsman can produce just one piece at a time with considerable expense to you.

A 3D printer produces a complicated design to your exact specifications in a matter of hours, working night and day at no additional cost to you, producing one piece after another. Imagine coming in after a good night’s sleep to find your design converted to a precisely matching wax master at very little materials cost. Imagine still that multiple wax masters have been produced to make mass production possible, a concept not possible with hand carving.

More Time for Creativity

Be the designer who transforms your client’s memories into something new and exciting. Encourage customers to look for inspiration in the back of their jewelry box where unpaired earrings, broken heirloom rings, loose vintage stones, and an array of tangled neck chains with pendants lie in wait for repurposing through your gifted eye and a little technology.

Consumers of today know what they want—something inventive that makes a statement about them, with their tastes and budgets in mind. Using a cost-effective, time-efficient 3D printer design-to-production solution, dreams can come true.


Fine Jewelry

Better quality control produces fine jewelry and happy customers. By printing in-house, you can give clients the opportunity to analyze a 3-dimensional sample of the work before production. And wax masters from today’s 3D printers are ideal for direct casting into precious metals or mold making. Inventory is no longer a problem because jewelry is made to order. When the entire process can be done in-house, costs associated with production time are reduced while quality control and customer experience is improved.


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