MSU Receives $1 Million 3D Printing Grant

Metropolitan State University in Denver recently received a $1 million 3D printing grant from global aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin. The grant is intended to help the university start an additive manufacturing facility which will produce 3D printed aerospace parts. It will be the first such lab in all of Colorado. MSU won’t get…



Students Design a 3D Printed Bone Implant

A group of students from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla in Mexico have designed a 3D printed bone implant using synthetic materials. Instead of a metal implant that never integrates with the body, the device is made out of a material absorbs into the body within 28 days, leaving only regenerated bone in its place. This…



Student Creates 3D Printed Cancer Detection Device

A teenage student named Devin Willis is revolutionizing the medical industry with his 3D printed cancer detection device. The project, called SLIDEMAP, is currently a finalist in the 2017 Young Scientist Challenge. Devin’s goal with the project was to help doctors detect cancer while it is still treatable. The machine works by using a computer…



ETH Zurich Students Win with 3D Printed Concrete Canoe

A group of students from ETH Zurich won the Concrete Canoe Regatta recently held in Germany. Their winning 3D printed concrete canoe design was created as a collaboration between the school’s Physical Chemistry of Building Materials Group and Digital Building Technologies. They designed the canoe by using Free Formwork, a process that involves using a…



MakerBot Creates 3D Printing Platform for Chromebook

MakerBot, a 3D printer manufacturer, has created a new 3D printing platform that works with Chromebooks and Autodesk’s Tinkercad 3D design software. The platform was designed specifically for students to use in classrooms. It enables users to design and start printing all on the same device. One of the company’s biggest goals is to improve…