3d-bioprinter-could-soon be-open-source

Open Source 3D Bioprinter Could Change Medicine Forever

Korean researchers have developed the plans for a new 3D bioprinter and released them as an open source document. By offering this data for free, these researchers are allowing scientists and medical professionals across the globe easier access to the ability to print tissues, organs, and other bio-materials for their patients. For example, 3D bioprinters…



8th Grade Student Gets New 3D Printed Arm

Dontavius Morris was born without a right arm. He currently attends the Memphis School of Excellence, and some of his fellow students thought they might be able to help him. Pairing up with their teacher, Mehmet Gokcak, they designed and created a 3D printed arm that has revolutionized Dontavius’s life. The red and black 3D…



New 3D Printed Bandage Will Help Doctors Monitor Wounds

Doctors will soon be able to monitor patients’ wounds without disrupting the healing process thanks to a new 3D printed bandage created by researchers at Swansea University. The special bandage uses nano-sized sensors to wirelessly inform doctors about how the blood is clotting and if there are any infections present. The doctor isn’t the only…



3D Printed Robot Helps Medical Students Practice

Getting a realistic experience while in med school can often be difficult. However, thanks to a new 3D printed robot created through a collaboration by Tmsuk R&D and the Japanese Tottori University Hospital, prospective doctors will now be able to practice important medical techniques on a lifelike dummy. Nicknamed, Mikoto, the 3D printed robot has…



3D Printed Sperm Could Be Cure for Gynecologic Cancers

A new breakthrough in 3D printing could hopefully provide scientists with a cure for many common gynecologic cancers in women. By creating 3D printed sperm, doctors are now able to deliver cancer treatment drugs to specific, targeted areas rather than the entire body. This will go a long way in reducing undesirable side effects while…