Winners of the Print the Future 3D Printing Contest Announced

The Print the Future 3D printing contest was a competition for university students to come up with an innovation in space manufacturing technology. After months of designing and experimenting, the winners were finally announced at the NSS International Space Development Conference. In first place was Team ProtoFluidics from the University of Pennsylvania. Their project was…



Students Create Eco-Friendly 3D Printed Shoes

With the help of the ZMorph  2.0 SX Multitool 3D printer, students at a design school in Poland have created the prototype for comfortable, recyclable, and fully functional 3D printed shoes. The shoes are constructed of cotton and wool which have then been 3D printed onto with various flexible filaments. This has resulted in a…



NASA Has Created 3D Printed Space Fabric

NASA has recently developed a new 3D printed space fabric that has numerous positive implications for the future. The fabric is made of metal and has the appearance of futuristic chain mail. It can be printed in one solid piece and also offers tensile strength, passive heat management, reflectivity, and foldability. Scientists hope that the…



3D Scanning Will Help Scientists Study Lemurs

Because lemurs are an endangered species, scientists have not gotten to study them as much as they would like. However, the Duke Lemur Center is about to change that by performing 3D scans of all lemurs that die at the Center. By 3D scanning the animals corpses, it will allow others across the globe to…



3D Printed Nails Could Be on the Horizon

If you’re a fan of having the perfect manicure, then you’ll be excited to hear that Shining 3D is working on new technology to create customized 3D printed nails on demand. To create the print, your hand will be scanned with the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner in order to collect data about the shape of your cuticles,…